American Cycle Finance Merges with Scienaptic

American Cycle Finance was founded in January 2015, and it has quickly capitalized on the lucrative motorcycle financing market. Founded by former BMW executives, the company has grown to include 204 dealerships nationwide. Their goal is to provide the best possible terms and payment structures to their customers. Additionally, they offer assets with a slower depreciation rate, making them an excellent choice for borrowers with bad credit. However, getting the right loan is more complicated than it looks.

American Cycle Finance is a direct lender to make it easy for potential customers to apply for loans. They provide a broad range of finance products for new and used motorcycles. Unlike traditional auto financing sources, they also offer supreme motorcycle finance. These auto financing companies are looking for dealers who want to expand their customer base. As a result, they are willing to waive their application and funding fees for the first three deals that they fund.

The business has partnered with more than 500 motorcycle dealerships in 29 states. They are a great option for consumers with a bad credit history. The program is flexible and will help these riders establish credit with the three major credit bureaus. After all, a higher credit score will make it easier to qualify for other forms of financing in the future. Moreover, the loans can be used for several purposes, including a second bike.

American Cycle Finance is excited about deploying Scienaptic’s AI-powered credit decisioning platform to help partner motorcycle retailers get better approval rates among its services. Because of the advanced algorithms that American Cycle uses to evaluate the creditworthiness of their customers, this credit-decisioning platform will give dealer partners more confidence to sell more motorcycles. ACF has a network of over 450 bicycle dealers in the United States.

This merger is great news for American Cycle Finance, Inc. The combined company will increase the value its company by $5 million. The acquisition will allow Cardiff to grow their portfolio. The business’s new owner will create a more stable and profitable business for the combined entities. The assets will make it more efficient for both parties. The transaction will help American Cycle Finance improve its creditworthiness and expand its reach. In addition to these advantages, American Cycle Finance is now positioned to serve a broader customer base.

The company offers loans to its partner motorcycle dealers. These dealers can benefit from a wide variety of financing options. Bikers can obtain a motorcycle loan through the American Cycle Finance program regardless of their FICO scores. While these programs may seem appealing, they aren’t suitable for all customers. For the best results, consider a motorcycle dealer’s experience when considering this company’s lending program. This will ensure that your customer gets the best possible loan for a bike.

If you’re looking for an auto loan, American Cycle Finance can help. The company is one of the largest auto financing companies in the United States, with a network of 450 motorcycle dealers in 24 states. The company offers fast and efficient loan processing, which means that its customers can get approved faster than ever. Its AI-powered technology will also help its partners improve their customer experience. The combination will ultimately benefit the entire industry.

With an extensive network of 450 motorcycle retailers in 26 states, American Cycle Finance offers a range of financing options to meet the needs of different customers. In addition, its partner network will help you find the best financing options for a bike. With a flexible payment schedule and flexible terms, you can finance a new bike and get your new ride today. The American Cycle Finance team is here to help you. You can even apply for a loan for your new bike at an online dealership if you have bad credit.

If you are looking for an auto loan, American Cycle Finance can help. With a network of 450 motorcycle retailers in 24 states, it will help you find the best loan for your needs. The company’s automated credit decision platform will improve your customer experience and make your dealership more profitable. The company is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction, and partnering with the best dealerships in the industry is the key to its success. There are many advantages to working with American Cycle Finance. First, you will save time and money in the long run.