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The Ministry of Finance in the UAE

The UAE Ministry of Finance is the primary government agency responsible for ensuring efficient management and development of federal financial resources. It oversees the implementation of the UAE Vision through a comprehensive approach to economic development. The UAE also maintains a low government debt, which contributes to the country’s overall economic stability. The Deputy Ruler […]

The Average Finance Business Partner Salary

The average salary for a finance business partner is $172,500. This is higher than the national average, which is $56,820. The ideal candidate will have at least two years of post-qualification experience in the role. It is also helpful if you have worked as a finance manager, analyst, or management accountant. However, if you are […]

Harvest Finance Price Prediction

Traders often look at moving averages as a Harvest Finance price prediction tool. These measures calculate the average price of FARM over a chosen period. A 12-day simple moving average, for example, is the sum of the closing prices over the past 12 days. A longer-term exponential moving trend line gives more weight to recent […]

Is Beyond Meat a Good Buy?

  The management team of BYND has an average tenure of just 0.9 years. The board of directors has a median tenure of six years. Moreover, shareholders haven’t been diluted significantly over the past year. This lack of experience might lead investors to think that BYND is a safe bet, but that’s far from the […]

Riot Resources

Riot is a leading independent energy producer headquartered in Texas, the oil capital of the United States. Its regulated energy market, ERCOT, is pushing renewable energy sources like wind and solar to replace traditional fossil fuels. Its variable costs and relatively low operating margins make it a good choice for investors. This investment has a […]