The Average Finance Assistant Salary

The average Finance Assistant salary is $28,000. Some cities pay more for this position, so the amount you take home will be even higher. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job outlook for this profession will grow by nine percent over the next decade. In that time, this occupation will add 127,900 new jobs. Of course, your job growth prospects will vary based on your location, as automation is taking over some of the work that previously required this position. The highest job growth prospects are in the loan, mortgage, and billing industries.

The average Finance Assistant salary in the United States is $35,000 per year or $17 per hour. This is 61% less than the national average. The highest-paying cities for this job are New York, NY, and Boston, MA. In general, the top-paying companies for this role are BMW, Honda Motor, and Vanasse Hangen Brustlin. While this job is considered highly-paid, there is also wide variation between the highest- and lowest-paying cities.

The average salary for a Finance Assistant is $34,000 per year, with a possibility of slightly more experience. However, since this is a relatively junior position, knowledge does not significantly impact the pay. For a person with less than five years of work experience, the salary is usually only around $37,000. Even though the experience is important, the largest determinant of pay for Finance Assistants is location. The median salary in New York City is $43,924, or $7,636 more than the national average. So, if you’re in another city, your paycheck is likely to be much larger.

While there is wide variation in salaries, the average annual salary for a Finance Assistant is $38,000. That’s 61% less than the national average. While the role is rewarding and fulfilling, many Finance Assistants use it as a stepping stone to more advanced positions and qualifications. The median pay for this position is $17 per hour, and the best-paying roles are at Majesco Software and Honda Motor. There are many job opportunities for a Finance Assistant in New York City, so keep an eye out for new jobs!

The median pay for a Finance Assistant is $38,620 per year. The median salary for a Finance Assistant is 61% less than the national average. Nevertheless, the salary of a finance assistant depends on their location. The average salary for a Financial Assistant in New York City is $43,924, or $16,220 per year. Those with five years of experience can expect an even larger paycheck. But the median salary is not the only factor to consider.

As a Finance Assistant, you’ll be responsible for collecting and recording financial data, ensuring that all account balances are current and accurate. In addition, your accounting duties will help your superiors monitor the budgets and spending of their company. Other duties that may be required for a Finance Assistant include maintaining payroll and setting appointments. As an Administrative Professional, you’ll also be responsible for directing calls to and from clients. The median annual pay for a Finance Assistant is $34,070 in New York City.

The average salary for a Finance Assistant varies by location. The US average is $10,083, and the median is $37,786. The top 10 percent of finance assistants make $209,666. While a finance assistant’s average salary in New York City may be high for a new graduate, it is not likely to exceed the national average. Nevertheless, a career in the finance field can be rewarding and provide a secure future.

In New York City, the median salary for finance assistants is $38,680 annually. However, only one-third of finance clerks in the city earn more than this amount. The highest-paid individuals work for Honda Motor, Majesco Software, and Accenture, while the lowest-paid ones work for the National Credit Union. The median annual wage for a finance assistant in a city with a lower salary is for those who work in the suburbs.