Yahoo Finance

We all know that trch Yahoo Finance is the most potent and popular financial news portal. This portal offers its users an excellent opportunity to access various financial information. Yahoo Finance is one of the market’s most used web portals, providing users with a platform to get complete details about any stock.

Nowadays, Yahoo Finance is providing more and more options to users. Yahoo Finance has added a new feature to the Yahoo Finance Top Stories app.

How does the Yahoo Finance Top Stories App work?

The Yahoo Finance Top Stories app allows users to read the latest news about the stock market. The application is handy for those who are interested in knowing the latest information on the market.

The user can use this app for both Android and iOS devices. Once the user has downloaded the app, they can get all the latest updates on Yahoo Finance.

Features of Yahoo Finance Top Stories

The users can easily navigate through the features of this app. These are the main features of this app.

1. News:

Users can access the latest news on the market. It also includes updates related to the markets.

2. Trending:

It shows the most trending stocks in the market.

3. Ratings:

This feature lets the users know about the current rating of the stocks.

4. Market Watch:

Market Watch is the most crucial feature of the app. Here, the users can check the market performance in the last 24 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes.

5. Watch list:

Watch list is the list of the top companies in the market. The users can add any company to the watchlist and get the latest news.

6. My Portfolio:

Here, the users can see the details of their portfolio. They can check the market movements and the changes in the prices of the stocks.

7. Tools:

This tool will let the user know about the trading options of the stocks.

8. Account:

Users can get their accounts’ login details and access all the app’s features.


So, these are the main features of the Yahoo Finance Top Stories app. Now, I think you have a fair idea about the features of this app.